Complete Prayer of Khatam Quran

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The khatam Quran prayer is a prayer that we can pray after the khatam Quran.
This prayer comes in various versions. Source : 
Copy of Syaamil Al Quran Miracle The Reference

O Allah, with the Qur'an, bestow with Your mercy on me. Make the Qur'an as faith, light, guidance and a source of mercy for the servant.

O Allah, remind me if there is a verse that I forget to remember. Teach me verses that stupid servants understand. Give me the pleasure of reading all the time, both midnight and noon, make the Qur'an for me as evidence ... Ya Rabbal Alamin.

O Allah, grant me goodness in religion which is the key to honor for me. Give goodness to the servant in the world, which is the place where the servant lives. Give the good of the hereafter for the servant to which the servant returns. Make my life a servant's freedom from all evil.

O Allah, make my best life at the end, make my best deeds at the end, make my best days when I meet You.

O Allah, I ask You for a simple life, a normal death and a place to return that is not sad and free from chaos.

O Allah, I ask You for the best wishes, the best prayers, the best success, the best knowledge, the best deeds, the best rewards. Strengthen me, weigh my virtues, realize my faith, raise my rank, accept my prayers, forgive my sins, and I ask for the highest heaven.

O Allah, I ask for the gift that You must give, the forgiveness that You must give, the salvation from all sins, the reward from all goodness, the victory of getting to heaven, and salvation from the hell fire.

O Allah, grant us goodness in all matters, reward us from all the wounds of this world and the torment of the hereafter.

O Allah, grant us the fear of You, which limits us from disobedience to You, and grant obedience to You which will lead us to Your Paradise, and grant us confidence which will lighten all the calamities in this world for us.

O Allah, grant us pleasure through hearing, sight and in our strength as long as we are alive and make it an inheritance from us. Make us recompense for those who persecute us, and help us against those who are against us. Do not make our misfortune in the affairs of our religion. Do not make this world the greatest ideal and the pinnacle of our knowledge.

O Allah, don't ever leave your sins behind unless you forgive them. There is no confusion unless You provide a way out and there is no need in this world and the hereafter unless You fulfill it, O Lord of the worlds.

O Rabb, grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter and protect us from the fire of hell. Amen

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