Indonesia Cuisine, Mie Golosor...Sliding Noodles from Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia

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When I first set foot in the city of Cianjur, a city in West Java, Indonesia, there were so many types of food that I had never encountered in the city of Bandung. One of them golosor noodles or sliding noodles. Actually, golosor noodles are a typical Sukabumi food, but are often found in the cities of Cianjur and Bogor.

The Uniqueness of Golosor Noodles

Golosor noodles are made from starch or aci ini Sundanese language. Its distinctive yellow color comes from turmeric – although in Cianjur the golosor noodles are more orange in color. Its distinctive color and texture make Mie Golosor one of the favorite daily snacks .

In Sundanese, 'golosor' means to slide. As the name implies, this noodle is very slippery so it slides directly from the mouth directly into the esophagus without the need to chew.

Generally, golosor noodles are cooked mixed with vegetables and given a spicy peanut sauce. If in the city of Bogor, golosor noodles are widely sold as ta'jil dishes in the month of Ramadan, in Cianjur you can find golosor noodles as snacks.

Golosor Noodles

Although not filling, golosor noodles become an alternative source of carbohydrates. For those who are observant, another thing to consider when consuming golosor noodles is the formalin content that is widely used by traders. The easiest way, of course, is to pay attention to the texture. Noodles with formalin have a harder texture than noodles without formalin.

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Golosor Noodle Recipe

Golosor noodles, we can buy it in traditional market

Onion, sliced

Garlic, sliced

Red chili, sliced

Cayenne pepper, can be individually or cut into small pieces

Onion, sliced

Salt and pepper to taste

Right amount of oil

Cabbage or other vegetables

How to Make Golosor Noodles

Saute onion, garlic and red chili

Enter cabbage

Add noodles

Add cayenne pepper and spring onions

Add salt and pepper

Stir until smooth and cook

Serve the golosor noodles with spicy peanut sauce

One plate of golosor noodles

Golosor noodles can be a simple and inexpensive dish at family gatherings.

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